Toby Hyde – 6 to 12 Months

20th October, 2018 – Auntie Kelsey’s weekend visit
Auntie Kelsey and her partner Mark down from Auckland for Toby’s 1st birthday party enjoying some one on one time with Toby before his party the following day.

20th October, 2018

21st October, 2018 – Toby’s birthday party
Toby’s big day arrives ……
A great afternoon at Thomas & Adele’s home in Newlands with Toby’s family and friends celebrating his big milestone. Not quite his official birth day (that’s tomorrow the 22nd) but the best day for everyone to attend.
A fantastic dumper truck themed birthday cake was on hand for Toby made by Adele & Thomas.
Anarchy & chaos ensured for a couple of hours with youngsters taking over the balloon filled lounge floor with all the parents, grandparents, great grandmother, aunties & uncles and friends enjoying the kiddie floor show. Thomas in charge of the present opening with Toby very excited about all his new toys. Not so happy with his short legs when trying out his new Wishbone tricycle but won’t be long before his feet touch the ground and he will be unstoppable!

A fabulous afternoon enjoyed by everyone.

PS …. check out Toby’s attachment to his new ‘green’ spade. Seems green is very much this young lads favourite colour.

21st October, 2018

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