Toby Hyde – 6 to 12 Months

1st September, 2018
Here is Toby using the piglet chair to get himself up. The first time he did this gave him quite a fright and a bit of crying session until he calmed down from this momentous event!

1st September, 2018

29th September, 2018 – I’m walking Grandpa!
After a few weeks away on holiday in Western Australia we had Toby over for the day and what a lot progress he has made while we were away. Lots of getting himself up and walking around the furniture as well as a cute ‘bum shuffle’ to scoot about.

29th September, 2018

13th October, 2018 – Toby’s new motorbike
Just over one week away from his first birthday.
Getting really mobile now. We got given this wee motorbike for Toby and he is having great fun learning to use it.

13th October, 2018

16th October, 2018 – Exploring
Toby checking out the outside world, getting mobile on his motorbike, testing the cupboard locks & Grandma Hyde playing ‘this little piggy’ with Toby’s toes.

16th October, 2018

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