Karmann Mobil Safari

These motorhomes are a recent discovery of mine. They top my motorhome/campervan favourites list.
Considered by many as a small palace on wheel, the Kombi motorhome or Karmann-mobil Safari model was manufactured by Karmann-Ghia of Brazil in the late seventies and during the 80’s and ending in 1995, it is estimated that 450 vehicles were manufactured and today it has become a “cult motorhome”.

Based on a VW Kombi they provide a really comfortable home for two people with a permanent bed above the cab, a shower/toilet, a full kitchen with oven, ring hob burners, fridge and sink. A spacious & comfy seating area with centre table makes for relaxing lounge/dining area. Really well designed and built with a super efficient layout. Extras like fly screens, split entrance door, roof storage space, kitchen bench extension just make it even better in my mind. Set up with an awning extension and some outdoor furniture, life on the road would be mighty fine. Not fast with a 50mph top speed. This wouldn’t bother me. Just wind the windows down, take the secondary roads and enjoy the scenery!

Here’s a great write up on the motorhome (converted from Portuguese).

If there is a national passion in terms of Motor Homes in Brazil, this passion is the Karmann Mobil SAFARI. A victim of prejudice on the part of some campers because it does not have a powerful motorization, Safari has gone through decades and is the model of Brazilian motor home that more copies exist today.

SAFARI was manufactured in Germany and South Africa beyond Brazil, but can be found in several other countries that imported it. SAFARI is one of the few motor homes that were manufactured in series in Brazil, but unfortunately it is no longer possible to acquire a zero kilometer. The Karmann Ghia plant started production of SAFARIS in the 1970s and closed its activities in 1995.

Safari integrates Karmann Ghia’s classic trailer design with the mini-motor home mounted on the VW Kombi’s 1600cc petrol or alcohol engine chassis. They can accommodate 4 to 6 people. Overall the vehicle has a fixed double bedroom (high above the cabin), reversible room for double bedroom, option of bunk bed (above table / bed), kitchen with sink, stove and refrigerator and bathroom with sink, toilet Portable and monobloc box.

1- Retractable table.

2- Living Room and Reversible Dining for dormitory for 2 or 3 people.

3- Portable Toilet.

4- Monoblock bathroom with sink and shower.

5- Wardrobe wardrobe.

6- Refrigerator 85L (electric and gas LPG).

7- Double high dormitory.

8- Kitchen with sink and two burner stove with oven.


The motor home has a drinking water box with 12V pump that feeds the bathroom and kitchen sink. The hydraulic system, which can be connected directly to an external faucet, passes through the gas-fired heater (pilot flame). The gas plug of 2kg, which also feeds the stove and refrigerator, has a space defined with external access with key. There is an external luggage rack that is accessed by the same ladder that gives access to the bed suspended to the cabin. The rolling awning has external closure to increase its useful area in longer stays.
The motor home must maintain a maximum speed of 80km / h due to the weight and the low stability governed by the suspended bed and simple rear-wheel drive of the car.

Check out some photos of this great motorhome …..









The interior. Such an efficient setup.









Here’s the predecessor to the Safari. Essentially the same, just without the cab over.

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