Peter & Debra’s Family Tree

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Our family tree charts the ancestors of myself, Peter Hyde and my wife Debra Hyde (nee Alderson).
The earlist ancestors I have documented are from 300 years ago. My great, great, great, great, great grandather, John Hide and great, great, great, great, great grandather, Elizabeth English who were married on the 17th Feburary, 1726.

Family surnames include:


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  1. Chris ALLAN says:

    Hi Pete, thanks for all the info from your HYDE website. My name is Chris ALLAN from Brisbane, Australia. I am a descendant of Maria HYDE, a sister to your forebear William Kidman HYDE. Both are issue of Robert HYDE/HIDE (shepherd) and Sarah KIDMAN m 13/7/1811. Interestingly, Maria married one Henry MIDDLETON in 1843 St.Neots, Hunts, and her brother William Kidman HYDE (1815 – 18/4/1861 Buckden, Camb.) married Rachel Sarah MIDDLETON (1825 – 25/3/1869 C’church) married 10/6/1845 Buckden. I would be interested to know if Henry & Rachel were MIDDLETON siblings?? Maria and Henry came to Australia circa 1846 having 7 issue of whom 3 died. I’m not sure when Henry died- can’t find it. When Maria died in 1908 in Sydney, the newspaper article asked that NZ papers copy – meaning that the Aust/NZ connection was still known at that time. Makes even more sense if there was a double MIDDLETON connection!. I was hoping you might be able to supply me any info on the MIDDLETON parentage of Rachel, and any HYDE info going further back – I can see a few families in Buckden, St.Neots and Godmanchester Huntingdonshire, but haven’t nailed down too much other than the HYDE/KIDMAN marriage. Bye for now, Chris ALLAN

    • Ewan Hyde says:

      Chris, not sure if you will get this response, but Henry Middleton was the son of Samuel Middleton (1776-1845) and Frances Dunkley (1789-1836). Samuel and Frances had five known offspring – Henry, Thomas, Sophia, Rachel Sarah (who was the oldest Hyde to come to NZ and who my youngest daughter is named after) and Emily. Hope this helps a bit. You can contact me at if you want to get in touch.

      I am related to Rachel Sarah through Thomas Hyde, a brother of George who is related to Peter.

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