Peter & Debra Family Tree

My Great Grandfather George Hyde (B 1847, D 1926) with my Great Grandmother, Sarah Hyde (nee Kirwan).

This family tree was put together by myself in 2002.
It charts the genealogy of both mine, Peter Hyde and my wife Debra Hyde (nee Alderson) families.
Both sides of our respective grandparents genealogy is documented.
I have not updated it since 2002 but I think it is worth having on the internet still as it may be of use to some folk exploring their own ancestry that links into ours.

Families charted include:

Hyde, Ching, Gottermeyer, Freeson, Wilson, Paris, Kirwan, Alderson, Shatford, Slater, Turnball, Taylor, Rummel, Beckett

Link to the family tree of Peter Hyde & Debra Alderson (opens in a new tab/window):

Family Tree of Peter & Debra Hyde

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