Peter & Debra’s Family Tree

My Great Grandfather George Hyde (B 1847, D 1926) with my Great Grandmother, Sarah Hyde (nee Kirwin).

This family tree charts the genealogy of myself, Peter Hyde and my wife Debra Hyde (nee Alderson).

Family surnames include:

Hyde, Ching, Gottermeyer, Freeson, Wilson, Paris, Kirwin, Alderson, Shatford, Slater, Turnball, Taylor, Rummel, Beckett

Family Tree of Peter Hyde & Debra Alderson

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  1. Chris ALLAN says:

    Hi Pete, thanks for all the info from your HYDE website. My name is Chris ALLAN from Brisbane, Australia. I am a descendant of Maria HYDE, a sister to your forebear William Kidman HYDE. Both are issue of Robert HYDE/HIDE (shepherd) and Sarah KIDMAN m 13/7/1811. Interestingly, Maria married one Henry MIDDLETON in 1843 St.Neots, Hunts, and her brother William Kidman HYDE (1815 – 18/4/1861 Buckden, Camb.) married Rachel Sarah MIDDLETON (1825 – 25/3/1869 C’church) married 10/6/1845 Buckden. I would be interested to know if Henry & Rachel were MIDDLETON siblings?? Maria and Henry came to Australia circa 1846 having 7 issue of whom 3 died. I’m not sure when Henry died- can’t find it. When Maria died in 1908 in Sydney, the newspaper article asked that NZ papers copy – meaning that the Aust/NZ connection was still known at that time. Makes even more sense if there was a double MIDDLETON connection!. I was hoping you might be able to supply me any info on the MIDDLETON parentage of Rachel, and any HYDE info going further back – I can see a few families in Buckden, St.Neots and Godmanchester Huntingdonshire, but haven’t nailed down too much other than the HYDE/KIDMAN marriage. Bye for now, Chris ALLAN

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