Our First Year 1980/81

Peter & Debra’s first year together as a couple!

It feels funny looking way back to 1980 when we first met. Here we are below 37 years later in 2017 enjoying ourselves on a cruise around the Fijian Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands to celebrate my 60th birthday.

May 2017 – Blue Lagoon cruise, Fiji.

So how did we meet? We first met in August 1980 at the Industries Fair in Christchurch which used to be an annual fair for industries to showcase their products. A fairground with rides and sideshows was attached to the main show. Not a date as such as my brother Andrew was going out with Debra’s younger sister Sharon at the time and somehow Debra and her friend Linda (who Andrew eventually married!) came along for the outing along with myself. Very few words were exchanged between myself and Debra but something must have clicked and after a further 3 months, I decided to pluck up the courage and give Debra ring and see if she wanted to go out on a date. Luckily for me, she did.

Aug 1980 – Industries Fair, Christchurch.

When we started to go out, Debra was 18 years old and finishing her 6th form year at Avonside Girls High. I was 24 years old and working as a tyre retreader at Reidrubber Retreads in Sockburn, Christchurch.
Debra was my first girlfriend so it was pretty exciting for us. We clicked straight away and I think surprised both our families (especially mine) when we became an item.
Debra loved dancing so one of our first dates was to the RSA ballroom dances held in Christchurch. Not quite my cup of tea but it was fun dressing up and giving it go!

Dec 1980 – One of the first photos of us together. Here we are all dressed up in our ‘eighties’ outfits.

Dec 1980 – Check out Debra’s gorgeous blonde hair in Farrah Fawcett style.

Dec 1980 – Me looking pretty happy with myself and making sure I have a good hold on Deb’s waist.

Christchurch has the beautiful Botanical Gardens in the centre of the city and we have spent many happy hours there over the years enjoying the walks around the various gardens, the trees, the Avon river threading its way through the gardens, the daffodils in spring. The gardens provided our inspiration and ongoing love affair with gardening together throughout the ensuring years culminating with our beautiful garden at Matarawa Cottage in the Wairarapa from 2008 to 2015. Each year on Boxing Day, Peter’s extended family got together for a family picnic in the gardens and in 1980, I had my first girlfriend Debra to bring along. Yah!

Dec 26th 1980 – Debra at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

Dec 26th 1980 – Debra at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

Dec 26th 1980 – Happy days. Christchurch Botanical Gardens on Boxing Day.

Seems funny now but back then I had a 1937 Austin Big 7 for getting around in. I’d always liked Austin 7’s and had bought my one cause I could! Not the coolest car to take your girlfriend out in but Debra was up for it and we had a lot of fun getting about in my old banger. The front windscreen opened outwards so on hot days we could open it out and enjoy the breeze blowing in. Debra had her own car that she has saved up for from holiday work. A bit more of a modern car than mine, a Vauxhall Viva.

Nov 1980 – My 1937 Austin Big 7.

Debra’s Mum and Dad used to have a static caravan at Oaro on the Kaikoura coast. A small community of of baches right beside the beach. Close enough to Chrischurch for weekend excursions. During our first year together I used to ride up there on my Suzuki DR400 and stay with Debra and her family. Lots of hot summer days enjoying the sunshine, fresh sea air with walks, fishing and just lying around.

Jan 1981 – Debra on my Suzuki DR400 at Oaro.

Jan 1981 – Peter at Oaro.

Jan 1981 – Peter on the beach at Oaro.

After just 3 months of dating, we got engaged on Waitangi Day the 6th February, 1981. Somehow I had decided that Debra was the girl for me and I just assumed she felt the same. I launched into a conversation with her at the beginning of February about how we should get married and then go off to the UK and Europe for our honeymoon before living happily ever after. I think I maybe missed out the down on one knee bit and “will you marry me?” Bizarrely she seemed to think this was a great plan as well!
We purchased an engagement ring for Debra from Donnell Jewellers in High Street and after a small family celebration at Debra’s Mum and Dads home, it was all official.

Feb 1981 – Donnell Jewellers in High Street, Christchurch.

Debra’s Engagement ring.

Family picnics were big thing back in the 1980’s and Debra and myself enjoyed going to the various picnics held over our first summer together with both her family and mine. Her Dad was a member of the Christchurch Working Mens Club and the picnic in the photos below is their annual picnic held in the domain in the North Canterbury township of Amberley. Great fun with traditional kiwi fare followed by ‘races’ for all including the three legged race.

Feb 1981 – Christchurch Working Mens Club picnic at Amberley Domain.

Feb 1981 – Preparing for the three-legged race at the Christchurch Working Mens Club picnic.

Feb 1981 – Debra’s family at the Christchurch Working Mens Club picnic.

Feb 1981 – Peter with his shirt off again at the Christchurch Working Mens Club picnic.

Feb 1981 – Peter playing tennis at the Christchurch Working Mens Club picnic.

Feb 1981 – Debra showing her form playing tennis at the Christchurch Working Mens Club picnic.

Feb 1981 – After our day at the picnic, Debra enjoying a cooling off swim at her Uncle Ian’s farmlet at Saltwater Creek.

When we first started going out, I was renting a small bach just out of Christchurch in a small beachside village called Kairaki. We had our first date/meal together there where I cooked up my ‘signature’ dish for Debra, chicken drumsticks baked in mushroom soup and sherry. Kairaki was close to the Woodford Glen stockcar racing track near Kaipoi and we spent most Saturday nights at the track watching my the racing and in particular my brother Andrew who raced his own race car there. After a few months of going out, I decided to move back into the city to be closer to Debra’s family home in Burwood and found myself a flat to rent in the Christchurch suburb of St Albans. A really nice ‘upstairs’ flat that we had some great times chilling out together.

Feb 1981 – My flat at 57 Dover Street, St Albans, Christchurch.

Feb 1981 – My Suzuki motorbike at 57 Dover Street.

Going out to Woodford Glen was great fun for me with my new girlfriend and a source of much amusement to my family who hadn’t seen me with a girlfriend up to this point! It was nice to have someone to cuddle up to as the evening went on it got colder. Maybe not so great for Debra with all the dust and noise but. It was a good time back then at the speedway as it was very much family entertainment orientated and both my sisters and brother all sat together along with all our various girlfriends and boyfriends. Great fun.

Feb 1981 – Debra at Woodford Glen speedway.

Feb 1981 – My brother Andrew’s racing car at Woodford Glen speedway.

Feb 1981 – Andrew’s racing at Woodford Glen speedway.

Feb 1981 – Andrew’s coming back into the pits after his race.

Feb 1981 – A day out with one of Peter’s work friends at a Templeton farm having fun racing around on our dirt bikes.

In my younger days I went to Christchurch Boys’ High School. On a weekend day in February I took Debra for a look around the school and we got a nice set of relaxed photos of ourselves.

Feb 1981 – Debra at Christchurch Boys’ High School.

Feb 1981 – Debra at Christchurch Boys’ High School.

Feb 1981 – Debra at Christchurch Boys’ High School.

Feb 1981 – Peter at Christchurch Boys’ High School.

Feb 1981 – Debra at Christchurch Boys’ High School.

Feb 1981 – Peter at Christchurch Boys’ High School.

Feb 1981 – Debra at Christchurch Boys’ High School.

Feb 1981 – Debra at Christchurch Boys’ High School.

Feb 1981 – Debra at Christchurch Boys’ High School.

Another family picnic. This time Debra’s Dads employers (Vertex) picnic at Spencer Park just out of Christchurch.

Mar 1st 1981 – Spencer Park, Christchurch. Debra with her Mum & Dad and her sister Sharon.

Mar 1st 1981 – Spencer Park, Christchurch.

Mar 1st 1981 – Peter enjoying himself at one of the beaches near Christchurch.

Mar 1st 1981 – Debra.

Mar 1st 1981 – Debra.

Here is a few photos from an early autumn day out to the river near the Ashley Gorge bridge. We love this area of North Canterbury and bought a cottage near here in the township of Oxford a few years later.

Mar 1st 1981 – Debra paddling in the freezing river.

Mar 1st 1981 – Debra.

Mar 1st 1981 – Debra being just a little cheeky.

We had two favourite restaurants during this time and after a walk on the beach or a visit to the Botanical gardens we enjoyed an evening meal out. Dymonds Steakhouse in Colombo Street was a special one for us. They did a mean chocolate mousse with Baileys that we loved. We also frequented the restaurant upstairs in the Shades Arcade, usually for roast dinner.

Mar 13th 1981 – Kairaki Beach.

Mar 13th 1981 – Kairaki Beach.

Mar 13th 1981 – Kairaki Beach.

Mar 13th 1981 – Kairaki Beach.

Mar 13th 1981 – Kairaki Beach.

Mar 13th 1981 – My attempts at growing a mustache got better as the years went by!

Mar 1981 – Debra wearing my motorcycle jacket at my flat in Dover Street.

Mar 1981 – Debra striding out at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

Mar 1981 – Peter washing Debra’s car at her Mum & Dads home in Burwood.

April 1981 – Woo Hoo Easter and a giant Easter egg for Debra!

Another holiday at Oaro, this time for a sunny and warm Easter weekend.

April 1981 – Debra down on the beach near the Oaro river mouth.

April 1981 – Miss Cool 1981.

April 1981 – Chilling out by the family caravan.

April 1981 – Pity the old body didn’t stay the same as the years went by.

April 1981 – Debra sitting outside at Peter’s Mum & Dads home at Leistrella Road, Hoon Hay.

After Debra finished High School, she got herself a night shift job at PDL Plastics working as a machine operator. This worked great for us with both of us doing night shift leaving our afternoons free to be together. We saved up our pennies over the winter in preparation for our wedding in September and our honeymoon trip to the UK and Europe.

May 1981 – Debra at my Dover Street flat ready to go off to work.

June 1981 – Visiting my parents at Leistrella Road on a wet winters day.

July 1981 – My brother Andrew’s 21st birthday party. Debra enjoying herself.

Way back in the 1970s and 80s, video cameras were of the super 8 variety that you could use to make 3 minute videos in a pretty low resolution format (compared to today). A few years back, I had all my super 8 video collated, joined together and converted to a VHS tape.

Recently I spent some time learning how to edit video using Adobe Premier and from the VHS tape I have been able to extract all the various clips of Debra and myself from the 1980/81 period and make them into a digital format presented here for your enjoyment.

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