Over The Years – Debra’s Quilt Collection

Debra’s Quilts
Debra started quilting in 2011 after taking a class at Crafter’s Heaven in Greytown. Most of her quilts have been given to friends & relations to enjoy.
All the quilts are special but the two quilts that she made for our daughter Kelsey’s 21st & our niece Kelly’s 21st were a labour of love with many, many hours of work going into these two quilts.
Both girls celebrate their birthdays on the 15th August after Debra and her sister Sharon managed to sync up their birthing day perfectly.
Here’s a collection of each of the quilts Debra has made to date.

Debra’s Current Quilting Projects – 2016
What’s Debra working on at the moment?

Two projects.

Mod Blossoms. A mystery quilt project chosen from a selection from Quilter’s Lane in Masterton.

Rose Jelly Roll.

By the Sea – July 2016
James Briden’s 21st Quilt.

Black Russian – Feburary 2014
Mystery Quilt.

Jelly Roll – December 2013
Helens Jelly Roll.

Bird of Happiness – November 2013
Kelly’s 21st Quilt.
Another huge project for Debra taking many months to complete as this was technically very challenging.
This pattern is based on an old style of quilting known as New York Beauty which is one of the more difficult patterns for a quilter to execute.
Debra’s design was based on a magazine pattern called Rising Sun in New York.
A Japanese theme featuring cranes and the sun to tie in with the 21st birthday quilt completed for Kelsey’s 21st.

Interlocking Rings – May 2013
2013-05-04-kylie-and-jay-wedding-dayKylie & Jay’s Wedding Quilt.
We have got to know Kylie over the years as a fellow passenger on our train journey into Wellington on the Wairarapa line.
When Kylie & Jay invited us to their wedding in 2013, Debra decided to try her hand at designing a quilt from scratch with a wedding theme as a gift for the couple.
The result is this lovely quilted bed runner featuring two interlocking rings.

Kelsey’s 21st Quilt.
2012-05-00-kelseys-21st-japanese-butterflies-00This quilt was a huge step up in pushing the boundaries of Debra’s quilting skills taking five months to complete.
The design was based on a pattern from a magazine called Japanese Butterflies.
Using the pattern as a starting point Debra decided to develop a Japanese theme and purchased her materials with bold reds & golds coupled with a lush cream for the butterflies to rest on.
The centre features Japanese styled trees, pagodas and delicate geisha girls.
The border surrounding the centre and outside pieces is made up of large butterflies.
The stitching was a marathon exercise that required a steady hand and the result lifted the pattern beautifully as well as making a great looking backing with the exposed stiching.

Two Little Ruru – November 2011
The Owls.
The morepork is New Zealand’s only surviving native owl.
Often heard in the forest at dusk and throughout the night, the morepork is known for its haunting, melancholic call. Its Maori name, ruru, reflects this call.
The material in this quilt features two native Ruru and a depiction of our beautiful New Zealand tree fern frond.

Suduko Kiwi Themed – July 2011
Debra’s first design project.
This quilt was a lot of fun for Debra to design and is based on a Suduko puzzle pattern. The material is Kiwi themed featuring paua, ferns, grasses, penguins, whale and pukeko.

Debra’s First Quilt – May 2011
Learning to Quilt – the first project.
Started at quilting classes at Crafter’s Heaven in Greytown. A summer floral theme with flowers and butterflies.

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