Our Dogs

Gypsy, Dylan, Ruby, Archie & Oskar.

Gypsy, Dylan, Ruby, Archie & Oskar.

We got our first puppy in 1989 while we were living in Scotland, an English Cocker Spaniel boy called Gypsy.
When we returned to New Zealand we adopted an older Spaniel, Dylan from a breeder. He stayed with us while we lived in Christchurch and then came with us up to Wellington.
Dylan was followed by our third Spaniel, a girl this time called Ruby.
She lived with us in Wellington and came over to the Wairarapa to enjoy the space and sunshine there.
During Ruby’s later years Debra welcomed a new addition to the family, a Bichon/Poodle cross we called Archie.
After Ruby passed on we decided to get a new companion for Archie and in 2015, I got myself a lively bunch of mischief in the form of a Miniature Schnauzer who goes by the name of Oskar.

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